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eLearning Training Modules

Self-paced, online training modules for complete flexibility.

If you’re too busy to spend one or more days on a training course, or your schedule involves out-of-hours or unpredictable demands, you can opt for an eLearning module.

You’ll study in your own time and at your own pace, anywhere you have access to the internet on a suitable device. You can start these courses at any time, and you’ll be able to access the module online for up to 12 months once you’ve registered.

Food Safety and GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

This NSF Africa endorsed online course provides a background to food safety, international food safety standards and GLOBALG.A.P. which is a global certification scheme supporting producers and their buyers with the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) on their farms. The course aims to improve understanding of the GLOBALG.A.P. regulations and standard dealing inter alia, with a background to food safety and GLOBALG.A.P., registration, assessment, certification, risk assessment, sanctions and changes to the standard in Version 5. It also aims to raise awareness of requirements in the Standard but DOES NOT go into the details of all the control points and compliance criteria. These are sufficiently dealt with in the Standard itself. Where the course highlights certain issues, it is because these have been identified as areas of high risk, and/or areas of common non-conformance, and/or a control point has changed its level of compliance in Version 5 of the Standard. Control points requiring a risk assessment are also highlighted. The course was co-developed with NSF Africa using their training materials and expert oversight and is fully endorsed by NSF Africa.

Global Animal Wellness Standard for Auditors

This online course will take approximately 3.5 hours to complete. You can start, stop, and pause at any time, progressing through the course at your own pace. To help companies manage their risk through a single certification, NSF’s Global Animal Wellness Standards (GAWS) were created. The standards apply to beef cattle, dairy cattle, pigs, small ruminants, meat poultry and egg-laying poultry. The standards provide a tool to determine that the key elements of an animal welfare management system are in place within an organization, and focus on animal welfare, animal health, feeding, housing and husbandry. This self-directed online training course, designed for auditors and internal auditors with practical knowledge and experience within the protein supply chain, provides an overview of the five Management System Components that make up the core of the standard. Throughout the course you will have opportunities to test your understanding of the requirements. The activities have been designed to give you greater insight into the interpretation of the standard and will prepare you for the final assessment.

HACCP for Processors

The HACCP method underlies all food safety programs, including GFSI-benchmarked schemes, and is a preventive approach to food safety. This online, self-paced HACCP training course is designed to provide learners with a thorough understanding of the concepts and application of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method for assessing, identifying and controlling hazards. In this course, learners will gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to apply the Codex 12 steps to HACCP to develop, implement and maintain a HACCP-based food safety management system.

HACCP Refresher

The perfect course for those requiring a refresher and review of the Codex 12 steps to HACCP. Designed for workers with knowledge of HACCP systems and experience in the food and beverage industry, this self-paced eLearning course provides a flexible alternative to traditional HACCP refresher programs. Through interactive exercises, scenarios and quizzes, you review the key HACCP concepts, apply your knowledge and examine how you manage the food safety system at your facility.

Introduction to Food Safety and HACCP

Building a strong foundational food safety knowledge is critical for your business. If you are new to HACCP and the food industry and involved in manufacturing or supporting food production, you must understand your role in protecting consumer health. This course provides that foundational background of food safety and how you contribute to food safety, food safety hazards and HACCP.

Principles of Internal Auditing

Conducting internal audits with a food safety focus is required to determine whether your food safety management system is implemented effectively. The analysis of results is critical to ensure that the food safety plan continues to be effective. Challenges to achieving continual improvement in food safety programs can occur due to improperly conducted and documented internal audits. This self-directed online training program provides the flexibility to access training materials any time and progress at your own pace. Through interactive exercises, case studies, scenarios and quizzes, you will gain the knowledge and skills to internally audit your food safety management system effectively to ensure food safety and compliance with regulatory and GFSI-benchmarked food safety standard requirements.